KL Moms' Club

This is a self-regulated group for Mommies to trade/ buy/ sell their preloved or unused baby/ kids/ motherhood items. As well as share experience and/or any news/ matter related to infants, toddlers, kids and moms-to-be.
(FOR PRE-LOVED/ PRE-OWNED ITEMS ONLY) We have created some albums to categories the items you are selling (under Photos) so it is easier for buyers to locate your items. All we ask is for you to keep it updated ie. to remove the items if it's sold and to provide a description with price, contact & pick-up location for the items. Should you have a business to advertise, we would however request that you create a document to advertise your home business.

Dear all members,
If you would like to
-Click on "Photos", to search the category you are looking for

*Sell (In order to avoid your ad sinking like the titanic) :)
1) You can upload your pictures into our albums by category
(click on "Photos", click on the designated album then click add photos, after uploaded your pic, put a comment on the pic or album, so that your pic will appear on the WALL)
2) You can tag or share this group in your albums (Please set for "Public")
3) If you have a company, you can create a "doc" in KL Mom's Club to connect to your
site/page, so that members in this group could find you easily

*All reselling items must be in good and working condition,
otherwise buyer will have right to ask for refund.

**Posted pictures which are not actual photos of the items and did not uploaded into KL Moms' Club designated album, excluding prices on the items and pick up details will be deleted.*

Happy selling and buying everyone :)