Nurses play a vital role/s in provision of health care thus they should be treated with respect in all aspects.Many developing economies have failed to properly address issues that affect this cadre.
As group we wish to transform this through social network/ing as we uphold professionalism to air our grievances,this does not end here cos we can change this forum into a trade union that caters for all.

Many organizations here in Kenya have failed to address our issues comprehensively cos of their partisan interests as well as divisions between them.As group we seek to speak in unison irrespective of who you are,what you earn, where you live,your position and so on.
For how long will we keep silent simply cos we have nobody with our interests at heart?

Imagine where you work ,one day you need a lawyer or someone to represent you ,how fast will you get this services?
Let us put our differences and interests behind to create a change for better services to our clientele and our lives.