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A note to dealers/purveyors/service providers/supply sellers: You guys provide a service to the industry by selling services/supplies, marketing, trading and keeping the market liquid, etc. This group can take the occasional post from a service provider/supply seller/dealer/purveyor with something new/interesting/give away, etc. Occasional means occasional. Not a daily or weekly deal post or relentless marketing that are generic drop and dash posts. There are better places to market than here. You are welcome to participate but you are not welcome to hammer this area with non-stop sales pitches on production knives, services, etc.
This is a custom knife group. Not a group to get hammered with advertising posts.

If you decide to ignore this and fill this group with posts hawking stuff, no problems. We will just delete and ban you.

Custom guys, post away as often as you need to in order to move your builds.
Custom guys, post brag pictures, questions, etc.
Custom guys, this place is for custom makers and enthusiasts of custom builds.

Our Forum is family oriented and G rated. Please respect that in your posts here.