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Respect Your Hosts –Please also show respect to the crew of Hood and their relatives. Remember that many men died in the sinking and that this adversely affected countless others. When posting, remember the human element.


Treat Each Other With Respect – We understand that some topics can become the centre of heated debates. We also understand that not everyone gets along. Quite often, things are merely misunderstandings. Regardles of which situation applies, please treat each other with respect. Avoid name calling and resorting to offensive posts such as those specified in our rules above. Wherever possible, try to quickly clarify misunderstandings. When that's not possible, simply agree to disagree and move on.

Keep it Factual & Cite Sources – If you make a statement, please let people know if it’s just an opinion, an interpretation or if it’s a direct quote (i.e., "in my opinion..." or "according to ..."). Please cite sources used so that other’s will have the chance to form their own informed opinions. This should make any information exchanges more fruitful.