Knowledge Salon International
Knowledge Salon International

About Knowledge Salon International

Knowledge Salon is one of the major facilities of Knowledge Capital (, situated within Grand Front Osaka, a new city re-development project right next to Osaka Station, which will be opened in Spring 2013. Thus, Knowledge Salon International will be an event and a project to fulfill the four objectives of Knowledge Capital namely:

Business Promotion

Cultural Exchange

International Collaboration

Talent Development

through innovative new value creation. It is the first project in Japan that ties together industries and institutions in various projects and initiatives with the goal to make a different in today’s Kansai and open up Kansai as the “Gateway” to Japan and the rest of Asia.

Pre-launch event

In order to create a Knowledge Capital and Knowledge Salon, that are already to set off to achieve their objectives by Spring 2013, we have planned to hold monthly pre-launch events from October right up to the opening of Knowledge Capital in April 2013, so as to ensure enough preparation will be done with no stone left unturned.