1.You must state price & location with accurate description of item. If using an album, edit each picture description with the details, and not comment under each one. Ads not including the above will be removed. If item is for sale elsewhere then this MUST be stated. Trade adverts or the promotion of other groups, whether on Facebook or elsewhere is not permitted. You can advertise on our Trade Wall-
2. You can bump if no activity for 12 hours. Ads bumped inside this time will be removed. Only the seller may bump. If you are reposting an ad, please remove the original. There is no limit on the number of times you can bump but please reconsider price if no interest. If an ad is bumped excessively with no real hope of a sale it may be removed.
3. We operate a ‘First Past The Post’ system - the item goes to the first person clearly stating on the ad they want it. It does not go to those asking via pm or just showing an interest or comment. This ensures the process is as fair and transparent as possible. You must allow 24 hours for contact to confirm sale agreed. Where a lower offer than asking price is made, the item is available up to the point the seller either accepts the offer or someone else states they will have the item at the current asking price. If multiple offers of the same value are made, the item goes to the first person to make an offer of that value. Anyone ignoring the above and states to contact them direct by PM, will be banned.
4. Abusive/behaviour on the group wall or aimed directly at members off it is not acceptable and will result in an instant ban. It may be reported to Facebook or the authorities if considered to be of a serious nature.
5. You can add 5 individual ads on the group on the group every 6 hours. Or you can bump 5 old posts if 12 hours passed. You can have a photo album (this means you can either have the one album OR individual ads, not a mixture of the two). Links to albums elsewhere on Facebook or otherwise, are not allowed.
6. Concerns re another member must be made direct to KOCB Admin; they will get back to you ASAP. Although we cannot get involved in any disputes you may have with other members, we will try to mediate where possible. Complaints on the group wall are not allowed.
7. Firearms, knives, weapons, fireworks, tobacco, alcohol, tattoo/ear piercing equipment, pornography, slimming aids/pills, unwanted prescriptions drugs/medication, any animal, counterfeit goods are NOT PERMITTED.
8. Decisions made by KOCB Admin are final.
9. Right Of Admission Reserved. Membership of KOCB is a privilege, not a right. We reserve the right to accept /decline requests for membership and cancel membership of the group at will and without explanation. The minimum age is 16.
10. Charity appeals are not allowed unless agreed, please contact Admin.
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