Kombat Syndicate

Kombat Syndicate or abbreviate as [kS] is an age proven community of gamers. This clan was founded out of the dust and rubble of a prior clan. Time has extensively been plowed into the formation of this gaming clan.Therefore a brilliant clan has emerged.This clan is a multi-gaming clan which envisions large growth to its community, but still keeping close friendships as a priority. If you want to know more about as please read on in our site. We have four Call of Duty 4 servers, Six Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Servers, One Minecraft server, A Clan Radio Licensed Team Speak 3 servers, and a extremely active forum. Please link in with our community forum ҜöMbΔt §¥иDîÇΔTΣ Community Forum www.TheSyndicateGamers.com