KO Animal Rescue Fund- Thunder Bay

This is a group to help raise funds for local animal rescue groups. there are so many groups in thunder bay and surrounding areas. I have a pasion for animals.. I have my whole life!
Eventually in the future... I would like to open a wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and release center. but that is not for at least 10 years.
Until then, there are many domestic animals that need help and we are going to do anything and everything we can to do that!
I really think it is important to get children involved in animal rescue. owning an animal is the first form of real responsibility i had as a child. Bonding with animals is special and unique with every person and pet. Nature has so much to give. Instead of focusing on materialistic things... animals and nature have endless love, gratitude, so much to offer in general!
If there are any initiatives you would like to be involved in or have ideas for raising funds and awareness, please do not hesitate to post or message me.

Rescues to be donated to are determined by need, all funds donated will be listed with amounts donated!

Thank you,
Kaylyn and Friends of KO Animal Rescue Fund!