Krugerrand Gold Investments

Gold is the most sought after and beautiful precious metal that has been used throughout history not only to make jewellery, but as money, a store of value and to create and preserve wealth.

There are 2 way around the world, that Gold is held for investment. The first way is in the form of gold bars, used by banks and Governments for their own investment,
the second way is in the form of gold coins, used by people all over the world for their investment.

Almost every country has it's own official gold coin. The Americans have the "Eagle", Australia has the "Nugget", Canada has the "Maple Leaf', Britain has the "Sovereign", South Africa has the "Krugerrand".

In South Africa the only way we can own pure gold is in the form of a Gold Krugerrand, a gold coin that contains 22 karat pure gold and is the perfect way for us to own and invest in gold.

Gold is by far the best form of investment because firstly it's one of the safest forms of investment in the world and therefore one of the best ways to build your wealth and, secondly because we know, based on history, the value of gold keeps going up, year after year.

As an example of the price of gold increasing on an ongoing basis, Krugerrands that cost R4 500.00 in 2006 are now in 2014 worth over R14 000. In 1967, when the Gold Krugerrand was first made and released, the price was only R28.50

Untill now, only people with lots of cash could take advantage of the rising gold price by investing in Krugerrands. They had to pay the full price straight away, because of this most people were not in a position to take advantage of this investment opportunity.

For the first time ever in South Africa, you can do what the wealthy do and invest in the Gold Krugerrand. You can pay off your investment at an affordable monthly amount enabling you to purchase and invest in Gold Krugerrands by paying for them over a period of 5 years.

Because the value of Gold keeps going up, the best time to buy gold is right now! In fact it's always the best time to buy gold.

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