Kuching Food Critics

We, The Kuching Food Critics, a group of Food Enthusiasts a.k.a Food Lovers (Founded in 2005) who loves in writing criticisms & give comments of Good or Bad of all local food in Kuching, Sarawak. Kuching Food Critics are to provide thoughtful, well-informed & unbiased information to the public, so that members of the publics can make decisions on where to spend their money to have good food.

We want to hear your opinion! Your voice, your comment & your ideas, will make all of us to get to know where's the best place to eat and dine in Kuching !

= Rules & Regulations =

1) No Advertising, Harassing, Spamming, Soliciting, Trolling, Cursing, Swearing, Insulting & Defaming in the group.
2) No politics, racial and religion or non food related topics allowed.
3) You are responsible & will be held liable for all your postings & comments made in the group.
4) You may only post food that is available in Kuching only.
5) The Admins may issue warning & delete posts, before enforcing a ban on the member but not in that particular order.
6) All postings in the group will be subject to Admin's own discretion. Posts will & can be removed without prior notice and any explanation given.
7) All food related posting must be from actual registered or proper businesses selling from hawker stalls, shops, cafe, restaurant, food court and legal food businesses.
8) Please avoid posting external links from other Pages, Website, Groups and other people's Facebook Photo Albums.
9) Please do not post home made food whether it is for sale or not. Selling things in the group is strictly prohibited.
10) Admins have the right to remove suspected Fake Facebook accounts in the group without prior notice and explanation.
11) Please include Location and Name of the Place of the food posting.
12) Inviting & Adding our group members to other groups is strictly prohibited without prior consent & approval from the admins.
13) Admins reserve the right to change, modify, reduce or include new Rules & Regulations at any time without prior notice.
14) Promotions will be available from time to time for the benefit of members.
15) The Admins are always Right.
16) If the Admins are wrong, please refer to Rule 15.
17) Join Kuching Food Critics at your own Risks. We will not be responsible if anything happened to you.
18) Rules No.1 to 20 is only applicable to our members. We, Admins have the Right to do anything we wants in the group.
19) Please Find or PM The Admins (Ah Ong & Aleena Nana) if you want to Advertise/Promote your Business in Kuching Food Critics.
20) No Exotic Food Postings or any Food which is Illegal to Kill-Eat-Sell is not allowed to be post in Kuching Food Critics.

Please to inform that any members who Dislikes Kuching Food Critics in term of Our Rules & Regulations, The way how we handle the group or anything you are not happy can always leave this group at anytime. We created this group is for those who appreciate us not for those who hate us.