KZN Photographers Hub

This is an active photographic group for those living in KZN. It is NOT a club, therefore members from any other club are welcome to join this group.

Members should share a love for photography and are encouraged to share their work and meet up with others to share knowledge, learn from each other and discuss ideas, ask for advise, etc... We welcome all genres of photography and photo processing, and would love to use this platform to showcase and share these ..... please just remember that it is a family group and the admin do have the right to remove any photo they deem unsuitable for public viewing.

We will organise events/outings where possible and post in the group, but we mostly encourage spontaneous outings or get together's, across KZN, where anyone who wants to go off shooting somewhere are encouraged to post it here and get some fellow shooters to join in. Fun and safety in numbers.

Please don't just dump a link to your entire biography/portfolio/business (or FB Albums). This group has been put together to encourage an interactive forum, of people with a passion for their hobby/work, encouraging fellow members with their unique styles and interests. It is not a "classifieds" for professional photographers, BUT we would love to have the professional guys and girls here for the purpose of interaction, learning, sharing and would value all comments & critique in order to learn from each other. ....... but most important, it is a friendly group, a save place to ask and learn, so have fun everyone!!