Labrador Retriever Adoption Service (Lab Rescue) rescues, fosters and adopts out Labrador Retrievers
in the Ontario area. We are a non-profit organization entirely staffed by volunteers dedicated to helping the
breed and educating the general public on dog ownership. Like many rescues we are always in need of
donations to rescue these Labs. Many come to us in need of medical treatment, such as vaccinations,
spaying or neutering and even surgery. If you want to make a difference in the life of a Lab in search of a
new home please consider ADOPTING, FOSTERING, VOLUNTEERING or making a DONATION!

You can make a difference in the life of one of our wonderful Labs.

Never in our history have we been able to offer such a fine, varied
and aged to perfection labs. They have come to us looking for that
happy and warm place that all dogs but especially seniors should
be able to count on.

These dogs offer at no extra charge

- unconditional love - the world through wondering and
wise eyes
- cuddles in the location of your choice - NO puppy silliness
- gentle strolls - playfulness and joy in your company
- friendship and company when you need it most - smiles in
their eyes

If you are tempted by anyone this fine selection please check
out bios and pictures at ADOPT ME! at

Please consider a
donation today. The
medical we provide our
labs does not come close
to what we adopt them out
for and we would be so
grateful for your support.
Our volunteers give up
many precious hours
away from their own
family's and pets to
support this rescue - if
you can't afford the time
to volunteer a donation is
a lovely way to support
our cause.