The Greater Los Angeles Cycling Buy & Sell FB Page

Hello All, this is an open group for those of you who are looking for a platform to trade, buy, or sell your cycling related items. Please keep in mind that this page merely serves as a "market place", each individual is responsible for them self when conducting any transaction. No one is responsible for you. If you're left unhappy with your transaction, you're responsible for it.

Here are some basic rules, please follow them accordingly:

1) Please buy, sell, or trade on cycling related items only.

2) Please list your price, this applies to all posts. Furthermore, posting a photo with only the word "offer" is just simply lazy. All posts seeking offers will be removed.

3) Please have photos with your post.

4) Please wait 5 days before you "bump" your post to the top of the page. There are reasons behind unsold items; no need to force others to look at your parts over and over.

5) Keep all communication between buyer and seller to private messaging.

6) Be clear and concise to what you're selling.

7) If you are looking to trade your items with something else, please kindly describe what you would like to trade and what you're offering for trade. This page will not tolerate any post with poor information.

8) Once your items is sold, please comment the item as sold.

9) Be respectful to the rules of this page.

10) Be respectful towards others.

and last but not least, this is for all of you who are selling on this page, if you do not respond to potential buyers' inquires within 48 hours the moderators will considered your item as sold, and will remove the post from the page.

best of luck,

Below is a link from which contains plenty of useful tips for buying and selling online. please read through it carefully as it will help you, and should protect you from potentially trouble transactions.