LADA Moscow

We grew up behind LADAs, spending childhood in ga...rages with our dads and grandpas and that's why we love these cars. Many years passed, Soviet Union has disappeared but we still keep the heritage of Soviet automotive industry and we want to share it with you - please check sometimes our blog;)

Our aim is to help you to give your Soviet car a second life. We care about our automotive compatriots and their owners so we do our best to assist you during repair and drive.

In our shop you can buy vintage parts for your "klassika" which are no longer produced. We also sell tuning parts for rally and offroad.
We have created an innovative Red SquAIR suspension kit which allows you to change the clearance of the suspension - maybe the most interesting thing you can do with you car.

We sell only original OEM parts for LADA and UAZ. Tuning parts passed Russian inspection tests and are accepted for use.

If you are searching for parts or you need an advice - just ask.

LADA Moscow team