Lake City SC, For Sale, Trade, Or Free

This is a For Sale, Trade, Or Free Group here in the Greater Lake City, SC area. Please note there will be a few rules posted in the "Files" link at the top of the page. Enjoy! And Don't Forget To ADD Your Friends!!

(ADMINISTRATOR NOTE) This note is to some that have asked to join our group, Our personal rule of thumb is this. 1. "If you have no friends from our area when we check out your profile, it's a good indication that you are not from our area or you only want to join our group to share your spam". 2. If you have a privacy filter so that I can not see your profile information, then you will have to send a friend request so that I may be able to check you out and know who you are. 3. This group represents who I am, and I am not going to tolerate spammers or your spam web links, to borrow money or sell your sneakers and etc. from an external site. Note this... I have already removed and blocked several that have blocked us to try to sneak in their spam under the radar without me knowing.... I have too many people watching this group for that to happen, (they will let me know) so don't try. 4. PLEASE REVIEW THE RULES BEFORE POSTING.. 5. This group is for the enjoyment of everyone. So have fun "SPAM FREE". 6. Be blessed and have a blessed day. And Number 7. We are a CHRISTIAN Group and have CHRISTIAN values and will not tolerate nasty attitudes or language, BE CHRIST LIKE.
Thank you,
Pastor K