Lake Shawnee Club

Club Events posted are for Club Members and their Guests only. The primary purpose of the Lake Shawnee Club Facebook page is for sharing of information among its members. The views expressed in these comments do not in any way reflect the views of the Lake Shawnee Club, Inc. herein refer to as the “Club”.
The Club reserves the right to edit or delete any comments or photographs deemed inappropriate for this page and its readers. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. When posting on our Page, please respect the views of other members and users of our Page. The Club will not tolerate racist, sexist or abusive comments and will remove any post or content from our Page which, in the Club’s opinion, is likely to cause distress or upset to other users of the Page. Personal attacks or defamatory comments (for example, making negative personal comments about a fellow commenter instead of just criticizing his/her posting, opinion, or comments will not be tolerated.
Please note that our Page is accessed by minors and accordingly posts and contributions should be suitable for individuals of all ages.
The Club reserves the right permanently to remove unsuitable content from the Page and shall have no liability for any loss or damage caused by or in connection with such removal. Repeat offenders will be removed from group membership and the Club accepts no liability for any loss arising out of or in connection with such removal.
The Club may report to Facebook all users posting inappropriate or offensive material and shall not be obliged to reinstate any individual it blocks.
Business advertising and sales are prohibited on our Facebook page. Personal items for sale such as trading post items will be allowed to be posted once per month per user. Local businesses are encouraged to advertise in our monthly newspaper or website.
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