Lake's List

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This group is for Lake County, CA

Group Creator: James Ortega

Admin: James Ortega, Cameron Nichols, Jessimi Gomez, Joleen Nichols, Tom Azevedo

There are also a few members who privately help the Admin out by being extra pairs of eyes. Thank you to those of you who know who you are!

Got extra stuff you don't need, or is there something you're looking for? Ever notice in Lake County, few people post in Craigslist?... Let's make it easier and do it on here, like a large flea market. Invite anyone in Lake County to participate and let's make a deal!

Be sure to click on 'Files' at the top to scan through documents members have put together for groupings of items, such as 'household items' or holiday items for example. There has been a lot of successful buys and sales on Lakes List, so we wish you luck!

WHAT DOES 'BUMP' MEAN? Any time someone makes a comment on a post, it will move that post back up to the top of the list. People say 'bump' in their comments as a shorthand way to tell others they are just commenting to move the post back up. You don't actually have to say "Bump" to do this, but it is quick and lets others know the purpose of the comment.

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