Lakota Language for Beginners

Lakota Language for Beginners is an open group for those who are just beginning to learn the Lakȟóta language, as well as those who might be completely unfamiliar with it. There are free downloadable lessons available to group members that have an emphasis on introductory phrases, basic grammar, and elementary vocabulary based on the New Lakota Dictionary and the orthography developed by the Lakota Language Consortium (LLC). According to the LLC, "Fewer than 6,000 people speak Lakota today". Our goal is to significantly increase that number. We do ask that when typing in Lakȟóta in the group, Lakota Language for Beginners encourages and supports the use of the keyboard font developed by the LLC; the font is available for download at the LLC's website, We also offer free-to-enter drawings where group members can win valuable learning materials available at the LLC Bookstore, Questions and comments are appreciated and are usually answered quickly, however, all posts from group members require admin approval before being displayed in the group's news feed. Overly negative posts and comments are not allowed and will be deleted at the admin's discretion. Anyone posting solicitations for personal gain will be banned permanently from the group. Everyone who is truly serious about learning the Lakȟóta language is welcome and encouraged to join. Lakȟótiya Wóglaka Po! Speak Lakota! (at least a little, every day)