Lancaster Estates Homeowners

Welcome to Lancaster New City Homeowners Group (formerly Lancaster Estates). This group has been created as an informal venue for homeowners to discuss matters related to Lancaster New City, a project of Property Company of Friends. Homeowners for subdivision phases of Lancaster Residences (LR), Lancaster Village (LV), Kensington (KS), Somerset (SS), and Manchester (MS) that are pursuing their units are encouraged to jump in and join the discussions. Kindly take note that this group is not a homeowners association but homeowners are welcome to share and help others.

Feedback, inquiries on processes and knowledge-sharing discussions related to the project are all welcome. However, kindly respect other members opinions and views. No bashing, fighting or personal attacks will be tolerated. Topics should be kept related to our community and projects with objectivity in mind, that's why this is a moderated group. Admins do not approve posts that are deemed to violate this rule, including those that will only ignite unhealth discussions, and they continue to monitor comments on the threads as needed. If you are looking at backing out on the project, you may look at other relevant groups for such discussions. This is also not the group for selling items for commodities or house units.

Also, please be reminded that this is a public group. We only accept memberships based on few criteria, such as individual's profile (including real name and picture). If you wish to join the group made for bonafide homeowners and residents, send an email to [email protected] together with the following details and attachments:

1. Full Name of Home Owner
2. Unit ID
3. Email and Mobile number
4. Scanned copy of proof of documentation (2 of any of valid proofs such as reservation, contract to sell, ledger, ATMI, CFI, etc.)
5. Scanned picture of homeowner

*Additional requirements for representatives or those who wish to join where the unit is not named after him/her
6. SPA (if applicable) and/or Marriage Certificate
7. Picture of the representative
8. Email and Mobile number of the representative