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This group is for people who want to discuss and learn more about land value taxation. The prime directive -be excellent to each other. There's no need to agree with LVT to participate. All we ask is that you're friendly and open minded.

"Oh Behave"

In order to be a member of the page, you are required to go above and beyond basic standards of civility. You must be exceedingly encouraging and kind. We're very proud of the inclusive and convivial culture we have on the page and we plan on keeping it that way.

Oh, and no conspiracy theory posts/comments. We don't make judgments about the validity of such theories. We just delete 'em.

Questions or comments? Send Jacob Shwartz-Lucas a private message or text him at +1(505) 980-0241.

Infraction example:

Person A disagrees with person B.

Grounds for A being kicked off:
A writes something disparaging, snide, or rude to B like "you're dumb" or "that's a dumb idea".

How A should handle the situation: "You make a really good point about X, but I disagree with what you've said about Y because Z."

It's important that A patiently spells out Z multiple times from multiple perspectives and is willing to be proven wrong. Also, neither party should assume that simply posting a link is a sufficient explanation. The point of a discussion group after all is to discuss, to summarize and break down lots of complicated information into a consumable form.

Grounds for B being kicked off: B writes something disparaging, snide, or rude to A, even in retaliation.

How B should handle A's violation: send Jacob Shwartz-Lucas a private message or text him at (505) 980-0241 immediately.