Vibrant and Vital Living Community


I created this group for women all over the globe to connect with other women to their businesses and brand in a big way with the support of each other.

You may use this group to grow your own business, help others, give advice, ask questions, and get the help you need.

I am all about positive energy so keep it a "Negativity Free Zone"! Please.

Let's keep this group all about inspiring and helping each other, lifting each other up and building relationships.

You may post one freebie or offering per day in order to give everyone a chance to be SEEN and see others.

I would encourage you to connect with each other and network. Build real relationships so others know what you do so they can use your services or refer others.

Fridays: FREE FOR ALL Fridays! - Post your freebies, upcoming webinars, or any PAID offers you have.

Rules: No spamming other members in the group.

Fashionably yours,
Dr. Amy