La Union Dog Owners Association

ADS POSTING RULES/GUIDELINES in order to ensure pleasant experience for everyone. 1.ALL ADVERTISEMENT shall and must be of LUDOA's point of Interest, Ideas, and Objectives only.
2.ALL ADVERTISEMENT shall and must only be posted at the ADS POSTING THREAD:
Ads placed as posts elsewhere would be deleted. All Ads should be posted only on their proper places: Pls check link below: LINK to CLASSIFIED ADS THREAD: 3.No adult, nudity, sexually offensive or pornographic text/ images/photos will be tolerated.
4.Post containing illegal material l or unethical are not allowed and shall be deleted.
5.No foul, obscene, offensive, tasteless or otherwise inappropriate language in your ads..
7. Only LUDOA's Events/queries/"tsismisan"/quotes and related topics are allowed to post on Main Wall.
Posts violating the rules will be removed and poster will be given warning. We want you to share what you have for sale, but it's hard to sell your items if your post is deleted. Thank you and Good Luck!