Law of Synth

Law of Synth(C.M.G Twist & Vaughan)
DJ's ,Producer's, Artist & Part of CMG Records. Moving dance floors and producing EDM bangers that will blow your mind

Christian Michael Gildenhuys (C.M.G Twist) (SA)
DJ, Producer & Record Label. Rocking the dancefloors and entertaining no less than 11 resident Clubs & Cafes since 2000. Not to mention all the free-lance and charity events in the same period.
Music genres: House, Electro, Progressive, Funky, Hard Trance, Trance, Hard house
Technical Rider:
Play on vinyl, CD and controllers.
Cd Launches:
News Café Vibe #1 Cd…. By DJ Twist Mixed, and helped launched the CD", the last track was produced by Twist and the cd was sponsored by Elevate music, JBL , Wild & Marr & News Café’
C.M.G Records, Label & Online Music Store.
The C.M.G Records web site is coming soon ft. many good artists. Online music store, promoting only South Africa based Musicians.
Record Label:
C.M.G Records
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Licensed with SAMRO Performer, Samro Producers & also a Risa member
First residency was @ Night Shift (Coca Cola Dome) and in the same period Tempo's.
• Rusty Hook
• @ Monte
• Buddha ta
• Tokyo Sky
• News Café Fourways
• News Café Sandton
• Party House
• High Flyerz
• Night Shift
• Tempo’s
• Tiger Tiger
International countries:
Zambia – Club Olives
South African Tour:
Toured SA with News Cafe' for the Vibe 1 Cd launch and Twice for the face of News Cafe's model shoots & did live broadcast's with 5fm. Helped launch the Vibe 2 cd & also helped with many others.
• Twenty 20 International Cricket
• S.A.B & ABI Sound trucks across Gauteng.
• MTN Fan Zone @ Monti Casino by FIFA for the world cup soccer sponsored by Adidas, MTN & DJSA
• T 20 Cricket sponsored by Maverick, Standard bank
• Pro 20 Cricket sponsored by Maverick, Standard bank & DJSA
• The Manhattan club street parties @ Wits University
• Boat cruise on Vaal dam sponsored by Hansa and B&W Productions
• 30 Seconds to mars Concert sponsored by Millers
• Wits Street parties Pretoria Beer fest
• Boat Cruise parties around Hartebees poort dam
• Vaal dam boat cruse
Cotlands non-profit community services for orphans
WEF Wild life Education Foundation

Sound engineering skills.
Engineering for bands and hip hop artists on various mixing desks

Vaughan Richard Haylock
Is a freelance musician who was born and raised in South Africa. Music is his passion and inspiration in life. He’s a versatile song writer and specializes in various genres of music and also performs as a solo vocalist.