Local Business Network

Welcome to the Local Business Network a place to share, engage and help other local businesses. This is a free group to advise and help the local business community that can otherwise feel a little isolated at times. Please note this is a group for UK businesses only. Businesses in this group are from across the UK not one specific locality. If you are requesting a service then please state your locality within the request.

Some guidelines...
Although we do like to know who you are and what you do - blatant advertising and self promotion that are not necessarily beneficial to a local business community is disallowed and will get your post removed. The reputation of this group should be as a go to place for help when it comes to running a small business that services a local community in the UK. Advertising is allowed ONLY AT WEEKENDS.

The Local Business Network Tab.
The wall should be used as a discussion stream, extended conversations are going to be useful to anyone running a small local business. Trade adverts, affiliate marketing and service based advertising may not be beneficial to the group. Positioning yourself as an experienced business owner by answering questions and engaging with the group is far better than self promotion that is more likely to get ignored or removed from the wall.

The Events Tab.
The Events Tab should be used for event based business promotion. Events should be beneficial to a local business community, members will still get notification of events as and when they are posted and it is not necessary to post these events on the wall.

The Files Tab.
This is the one place where it is ideal to advertise your business. Create a document introducing yourself to the group. For ease of reference head it up with your personal name, company name, business area and area you operate in.