Social Entrepreneurs

Business Ideas, Innovations and Solutions that creates Social Impact is what Social Entrepreneurship is all about, bringing sustainable solutions to some of our biggest challenges in a way that makes business sense, though profit is involved but it is not the driving force for the venture, IMPACT and SUSTAINABLE Growth is.

Hosted by Dan Foster, Social Entrepreneurs tells graphical stories of how16 young people from across Nigeria, divided into 2 teams, over a 13 week period would be bringing innovative, empowering solutions to the most intractable social problems to communities across the country.

Each episode in this unique series illustrates the amazing changes that are possible when an innovative idea is coupled with optimism, a strategy for action, and a passionate belief in human potential.

What is possible? You'd be surprised. Take a journey into a world where people take action to make a big difference, changing lives, impacting society…creating ventures that last!