League of Legends Eu/West

Welcome to our International League of Legends EU-West group!
TS3 IP: - Feel free to join!


#1 : No Scam
Scam sites, league of legends lookalike sites and sites that are not safe (malwarewise) will get deleted immediately and a permaban will follow.

#2 : No spam
Spamming a link/post/text as a comment or as new posts will get the posts removed and a permaban will follow.

#3 : Maxium one streamlink of each player every hour
Any more will be deleted.

#4 : No skin sales/trades
Selling skins or skincodes are not allowed.
Exchanging likes for a skincode giveaway IS allowed, as long as it's reasonable.
Trading mystery skins is allowed but ON YOUR OWN RISK!

#5 : No account sales, account trades and account exchanges
Very simple. You say you want to buy an account, sell an account or trade an account will lead to an immediate ban.
This includes PBE accounts.

#6 : Any link of "free RP or skins" is not allowed.
Immediate permaban will follow. Free RP does NOT exist!

#7 : Boosting is not allowed!
Asking for boosts, or selling boosts will immedately be removed and the user will be removed permanently.

#8 : The one and only language for this group shall be ENGLISH. This is an international group
All other posts that don't have a translation WILL be removed.

#9 : Begging for gifts is not allowed.
This includes but is not limited to skincodes or stuff outside of league with actual value.

#10 : Advertising streamlinks or pages for you personally is allowed (max 1 link per hour), and maximum 2 per day. Advertising other groups (including league of legends groups) may only be done with permission of an admin.

#11 : If you want to post any giveaway or something else, ask for permission of an admin beforehand. Without permission your giveaway might be removed.

#12 : Any content containing harsh violence, racism or artistic elements of pornographic nature shall also be strictly prohibited and will lead to a permaban.

#13 : Every kind of copying other profiles as well as their profile pictures is not allowed. This includes faking being a big streamer or an LCS player.

#14 : Linking to giveaways (i.e. computer giveaways etc) are allowed but NOT if they benefit you in this giveaway (you get more entries for more people added).

#15: Trading skincodes when skincodes are not enabled will result in a permaban.

#16: In any other case all mods are allowed to make a decision (ban/remove post/permaban etc) based on what they feel is right and just.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact one of the admins below:


Joshua Baumgardt | Owner | Admin
Bastian Stier | Admin | Co.Owner
David Dioubate | Admin
Michael Daniel Brian Coffey | Admin
Ryan Red | Admin
Elias Kress | Admin
Florian Valtin | Admin
Niklas Krause | Admin - Contact for
translations into English
Joshua Baumgardtt | Owner + safe account
Laurens van Ovost | Admin