Lean Mumma Jindalee

Welcome to the Lean Mumma Jindalee group!

Here we give you the support of Mums who are choosing to take up the challenge to start their journey on the way to becoming a Lean Mumma. We also welcome anyone interested in learning more about the system or who would like to get involved/collaborate their business with ours.

A Lean Mumma:

- Knows her self worth
- Passionately defends those she loves
- Actively creates and builds the life of her dreams
- Chooses choice, empowerment, joy and growth
- Eats for energy, nourishment and leaness
- Laughs freely and often. Loves openly
- Supports, encourages and inspires others
- Trains (and uses) her strong lean mind
- Values health, freedom and happiness
- Says NO to judgement
- Lives a life worth of imitation!

We look forward to sharing this journey with you!

Myjanne xx (CEO, Lean Mumma Jindalee)