English Grammar

About EGG:
Grammar has always been a boring topic of any language. But there is no any other alternative but to learn it. Grammar is the culmination point of any language. You cannot speak any language effortlessly until you learn the basic concepts of grammar. This group has been specifically created to make you language competent. EGG gives you an opportunity to enhance your language through a number of ways such as putting questions and answering them, posting useful information that will help the learners of English extend their knowledge. EGG has been a concerted attempt to teach and learn Functional English Grammar.
All the active members of this group are hereby informed that they should put only questions related to grammar. The posts that are going to be posted by learners should be in form of articles or in form of questions.

I like to welcome all the new members and old members who have joined my English group but if you want to stay in this group you must carry out the following rules.The violators of the rules will be banned at once.

1.Please do not post in other languages , just post in English.
2. Please do not use the group for advertisements as far as possible; but if you think an advertisement is beneficial to the members, post it under this post,such posts will be reviewed by the admin and may be removed if found inappropriate.
3. Members who have their names in languages other than English, please include their name in English in brackets.
4. New members please answer the open poll question "Where are u from? "what is your job?"
5. No quarreling is allowed within the group, Whoever is found behaving offensively will be immediately removed from the group.
6. Posting sexually explicit contents or links, and advertisements of any sorts unrelated
to learning will result in immediate removal of the post and the member concerned.
7. No harassment/abuse/ridicule will be tolerated against any member of the group in any manner on any matter.
8.Do not post please add me or something like that
9.Do not post "thanks for accepting me" and so on...
10.you can write your IDs( Skype. yahoo. and so on) here in my post
If a member fails to adhere to the guidelines the administrator(s) reserve the right to:
1. Delete individual posts, comments, and links that do not follow the specified guidelines or do not relate to learning English.
2. Remove or ban members who repeatedly or excessively violate the rules.
Thank you for being a part of our community of Learn English Online .Have fun!
Best Regards , Admins

Wishing you all the best!!