Least of Saints Motorcycle Club

Today I'm driving back to the office and I spot an old man, tattered, disheveled, barely walking with a cane, pulling a small shopping cart with about twelve aluminum cans. I passed him up because I was in traffic and the light had changed. As drove off God told me to turn around and give him all my money. My wife had given me a $20 bill this morning. I said "ok" and headed back. I parked and walked up to him and told him that God wanted me to give him this ($20) to help with his can collection. He must have been 80 years old. He said he was trying to sell these cans (12) but the place was closed. He had already walked two blocks. He looked at the 20 and put it in his pocket. Before I had the chance to pray on him, he extended his hand, put it on my shoulder and prayed over me. he prayed in Spanish blessing me, a man who he didn't know, sent by God to help him out. He prayed blessings for my family and my life. The bible says that your blessings on others will be multiplied by our Heavenly Father. I felt the Holy Spirit in this man. He touched my heart. My gift was multiplied beyond numbers. I couldn't give him a ride to his home because I was in a company vehicle. I'm going to find him again and fellowship with him. God is all over this man. God's L.O.S represented. Loki