Lee County Area Kids Connection

Welcome to the Lee County Area Kids Connection of Alabama. This group is for clothing, toys and items from maternity to childrens wear. Here you will find the basic rules regarding this site and under the tab "Files" you will be able to find other useful information to help you and others enjoy this site. If you live outside of Lee County, please don't buy or sell unless you plan to travel to our area.

Bumps intended to move the posting to the top of the page for more exposure are permitted every 3 days (72 hours). Comments by the seller that are intended to move the item up is also a bump. Items that are bumped more than every 72 hours will be removed, without notice. So please, when your post disappears remember you were given notice. Feel free to re-add them after 72 hours. NO WARNINGS WILL BE GIVEN.

FB does not allow the sale of guns/ammunuition. No baby formula. No illegal activity tolerated. No scams. No drama. If you have an issue with someone else in the group, use PM to sort it out. Please give buyers & sellers at LEAST a 24 hour window for communication, not everyone spends all day on facebook.

Homemade items are permitted.

ISO's/ In search of : Alsoevery 72 hours.

Multipics w/ several items ARE NOT ALLOWED.

SELLERS: Please give an accurate description of your item (any flaws), post pictures (required), post prices (required). When your item sells please remove it. The first person who says they "Want" an item is considered to be the first person in line, however the choice is ultimately up to the seller. This group is intended for use PRIMARILY for the Lee County, Alabama area. Please, as soon as you have a "deal" pending, mark your item "PPU" (Pending Pickup). You may always remove or delete this comment if the sale doesn't go through. Bump entires albums, not individual pics. It is not necessary to post sold on an item, Just delete it. Delete posts after the sale.

All posts/pictures/albums without activity for 30 days are at risk to be deleted.

ALBUMS: IF you have more than 5 (five) items listed on this group page - OR more than 5 (five) pictures in your ad, YOU MUST USE AN ALBUM when you post the ad. If you do not know how to create an album, please ask! LINKS TO ALBUMS OUTSIDE OF THIS SITE ARE NOT PERMITTED!

BUYERS: Please notify the seller that you "Want" the item,. If you change your mind simply post "PASS TO THE NEXT BUYER" in the comments. Please be cordial and respectful to others, if you want to be in line simply state "Next" that way if the sale falls through you will have a turn. If you would like to "make an offer" for an item, please send the seller a PM, as well as letting the seller know that you "Sent a PM, please check your other folder"

BUYERS & SELLERS: EXCHANGE NUMBERS ALWAYS! When you make arrangements to meet for inspection & purchase of items for sale, please do so at a PUBLIC location during daylight hours, if at all possible. Please carefully inspect your items BEFORE purchase.