Intercontinental Cup hosted by Linton University College

Intercontinental Cup 2012

This cup is hosted by Linton University College for all students of every race and it is a tournament that focuses on Unity in Diversity. This is signified by a special prize to be given to the team with the greatest variety of nationalities playing as a team.

Previously there was the Legenda Champions league, this was purely a private endavour that was hosted by an individual or team. Now the new SRC committee has taken the task of making an official league which starts now.

History of Leagues in the college.

****Legenda Champions League:

The story begins in the college on the volleyball courts where a few students would play regular futsel at late hours for the pure joy of the game and enjoying each others company in a friendly competitive manner. From there the team decided to venture onto the large pitch and formed Supa Strikaz FC. This team then came up with the idea to form a league at the college. This league project was planned and directed by the captain at that time with the support of all the players in the team. This league then grew to what it is today.

Those players from the futsel pitch are listed below.

and many other players as well who's names may not be listed here.

As time went by most of the players left the country and so the school now was staged to take over the league in the form of the ICC 2012.

*****Intercontinental Cup 2012 - Today

Developed and organized under the Students Representative Council with the current committee members. (Clicker, Kaza, Ridzi, Andrew, Aurie, and all others involved. To be updated soon)