LEICA Photography

The purpose of this group is to share our collective body of work that share the commonality of being taken by something Leica. One benefit of this collective sharing is that it spreads education and information rapidly throughout the group. Another benefit is the exhibition and commentary of one's work. Lastly, it's to increase our own view of the world by seeing that of someone else.

The following are the group guidelines for posting. This has been put together by the admins, and is subject to their interpretation and execution. Please:

1. Limit posts to three per day. We want to be sure everyone gets an opportunity to be seen.

2. Only post photos. Do not share galleries. Do not link to things. This is not a place to advertise anything. If people want to see more - they will go to your page and look for it. That being said - if you like what you see - go to that person's page to see more. Make contact. Ask questions. Interact. Network. We are a community.

3. Post the settings for each photo. The camera used. The lens. The shutter speed. The aperture. Film Speed. Anything you can remember. Additionally, if you can use the hash tag for certain commonalities - perhaps a lens name, camera name, film type, etc. This will allow others to search by tag.

4. The admins will delete any advertising, personal pages, links and sharing in your items in the group. Don't take offense. It's not you. It's just for the betterment of the group.

5. Do not post anything that isn't yours. Even if you give credit to who took it.

6. Inappropriate postings - Facebook rules apply even here. There is a time and a place for adult themes... THIS GROUP is not it. We actually have some younger leica users with us... let's keep them comfortable.

7. If we don't think it fits within the rubric we have created - then we reserve the right to remove it.

Questions? Ask. We are here to make this group the best on facebook for all Leica users.