Lennox Teachers Association

We represent the dedicated teachers who educate the students and parents of the Lennox School District in Lennox, California. Check out our new webpage - lennoxteachersassociation.org. Thanks!

LTA Facebook Group Posting Policy #1
(approved 5/9/13 at Rep Council)

In accordance with the LTA/CTA/NEA Union Code of Conduct, when posting to the LTA Facebook group, please do not criticize other members for their opinions, actions or for any other reason. That is not the purpose of this Facebook group. You are welcome to your own viewpoints and are free to share your opinions – debate is good – but do not make judgments about other members of the Association.

If you have a personal disagreement with another member that you feel must be expressed, please speak with that person directly, privately, and in a face-to-face manner. The LTA Facebook group and other social media are not appropriate venues for resolving personal disputes between Association members.

Users who participate in the LTA Facebook group agree not to post anything criticizing other members. Any such posts will be removed, and the people who post them will be “warned.” After two such warnings, on the third inappropriate post, offending posters will be removed from the LTA Facebook group.

The only exception to the above policy is criticism of elected and/or appointed leaders of the Association. It is within the rights of members to criticize the performance of Association leaders in their duties. But again, personal attacks and/or criticism will not be accepted.

As a member of LTA and the LTA Facebook group, if you read a post that you believe violates the above policy, please notify one of the administrators of the LTA Facebook group.

As of 6/13/13 the administrators are:
• Brian Guerrero – [email protected]