Give people the option to retire at 60 and give youngsters a chance to work

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The age of retirement is still rising, because people are living longer. Yet where’s the evidence? Income levels have a lot to do with how long people live. Labourers do hard physical work and generally, do not have a life expectancy equal to that of a professional. Every person living in this country should be allowed to make the decision as to what age they retire after 60.
People who retire make way for the younger generation to enter the job market and pay into the system.There will never be full employment! And now youngsters are less able to move into jobs. They are unable to pay into the system and their own retirement.
The government spends billions running departments which are simply there to push people into finding work that isn’t there! Divert the money spent on these huge bureacracies into retirement!
Give the young a chance and allow older people some time to enjoy their retirement before they die. Then everyone will benefit!

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