Boston Liberation Health Group

"The Liberation Health Group is open to all advocates of social justice and human liberation working in the fields of health care and social services. We are committed to addressing the structural and institutional flaws in our health care system and its refusal to recognize health care as a fundamental human right.

Members of the group work to better understand liberation health theories and methodologies in the practice of client empowerment. We strive to link immediate issues and struggles relating to our current health care system to the larger societal structures that regulate it and the predominant worldview that justifies it and rationalizes the existing unjust allocation and distribution of health care resources and services.

As health care workers, we recognize the need to show solidarity with the issues and struggles of other healthcare workers, regardless of their occupational training and positions. Our solidarity with the individual clients, families, and communities with which we work means recognizing their right to meaningful participation in the health care decisions that affect their lives.

We propose and fight for alternative forms of social organization that promote a more just distribution of natural and human resources, and the liberation of all peoples from current productive processes that put capital and profits before human needs. We identify with the oppressed, dominated, and marginalized of the world and their struggles to achieve economic, political, and cultural freedom and self-determination."

- Boston Liberation Health Group mission statement