Life in Belgium

The rules are simple ; - no advertisement, treat each-other with respect and keep yourself within the broad subject of "life in Belgium".

Life in Belgium is a conversation & discussion group, not a notice board. Please apply common sense in your post of any events. Advertisement for other Facebook groups are not tolerated. There are plenty of other places were that can be done.

The administrator team evaluate all access requests and reserves the right to deny access to profiles that doesn't evidently prove any relation / interest to the scope of this group. This in order to proactively prevent spam.

* The "life in Belgium" group is an online community for residents (locals and Expats alike) in Belgium.
* The "life in Belgium" group is based in mutual respect. Were we do the embrace diversity of the community we live in and honor the free word, we also expect a polite tone and respectful language were everyone feels welcome.
* The "life in Belgium" group is motivated on a will to share and to build rapport within the English speaking community in Belgium and to share experiences valuable to the community.
* The "life in Belgium" group is a community group with no commercial interest, and participants should accept any contributions within the group adhere to that point.There will be zero tolerance towards spam (see Wikipedia for a definition upon the term SPAM)
* The "life in Belgium" group is based on a community based framework founded in the principal points of the "Creative Commons / NonCommercial" license. Any participation in this group means unconditional acceptance herewith.
(to be continued)