This is a Blessed Space for all to share their experiences in any way: as a Lightworker. It is a place where all are welcome and whomever chooses to write in this space, does so with respect for all Lightworkers.

Anything you wish to share, that you feel is spiritual, prayerful, joyful, light filled, loving, helpful or Earth related, are welcome. Short or long. Poet or non poet. Photo or no photo. All choice is yours'. Glorielle is very open minded and has no allegiance to any particular religion, group, race, color or whomever you call God/Goddess. One thing is desired here. "LIGHT"
As long as even one speck of Light is in a room, the room will never be dark. So no darkness will or ever can, exist here. Because we are of the Light.
God Bless You, Namaste......... With Love ♥

Whomever you wish to call God; is fine. As long as it is your belief in a God/ Goddess: does not matter what name you use. I choose God and have also used the Universe and Jesus. Or Allah. I believe in angels and I will bet that all of you here, believe in angels. Your choice....This is a place of Light, Love, Openness, Freedom, Tolerance, Understanding, Supporting, Peaceful, Harmonious and Unified.

This is what I wish our World to be........... AS ONE

Open, Free and Full of Love, Light, Peace and Harmony. ♥ If you believe this is what you wish for our Earth; then please join me and let's make this New World exist.. One person at a time. And it will expand from there...........
We are all children of God and we are now called on to be the Lightworker we were meant to be. We are LIGHTWORKERS!!

~ Let's Keep this Love Alive for all People, Animals, Plants, Trees, Rocks, Creatures and our very own Mother Earth. Let's Expand our Love and Light Beyond and into the Universe. ~

With Love, Light, Peace, Joy and Harmony,
♥.¸¸.•´¯`»✿◕ ૐૐૐ ~ glorielle xxx