Lake Illawarra High School - Year 7 1978 - Year 12 1983

This group has been created for those students who commenced Year 7 in 1978 and either completed Year 10 in 1981 or Year 12 in 1983. This group is also open to those teachers that were fortunate enough to teach us all.

At the end of 2011 it will be 30 years (yikes) since we graduated with our School Certificate.

Over lunch with two dear school friends last week I made the comment that it was a wonder that no one had done anything about organising a school reunion. To which the reply was," We are waiting for you to do it".

Well this is the start. I have created this group to see how many fellow students/teachers we can find between now and mid November 2011 when the reunion will be held.

Feel free to help. Invite your fellow students to join. Post any old photos you may have and catch up with old friends.