#Limegreen - Mental Health Awareness (Bandage Campaign)

#Limegreen is a Mental Health Awareness CHALLENGE Campaign.

The person wears a lime green bandage (or a coloured in one - use a highlighter or marker) on their forehead for 24 hours. You must challenge 3 others to do the same. It is preferred a small donation be made. (see below for donation details)

NOTE: You must take a picture, share it on a Social Network of your choice and tag the 3 people/organizations you challenge. Don't forget to tag this group to share the picture.

You may also submit your photo to us on the Campaign Website: http://www.limegreencare.com/


Donation Paypal Address: donations@limegreen.care

Donation Mailing Address:
1400 Windsor Ave
Windsor, ON
N8X 3L9

Would you like to be a Campaign Sponsor? Contact us via the Campaign website Contact Page: http://www.limegreencare.com/