Lions Den Trading

Welcome to The Lion's Den Trading. Let me hear you ROAR!
Ok, like lions in the jungle or on the plains... we are a Pride. We trade together, we stick together, we grow together. When you post about this group... on FB or Twitter... make sure to use #TLDT in the post. Show them that we are here, let them hear you ROAR!

Trading Time: (EST)
Mon-Fri: 8:30-11:30 / 12:30-2:30
Mon-Thurs & Sun: 8pm -->>

Affiliate links:
They are found by clicking on "Affiliate Dashboard" in your members area @

We do have RULES:
1) No pooping in the bed!! Any and all spam will be removed. You will be banned from this group, and removed from The Den. Doing so, you will forfeit any future commissions.

2) Be kind be courteous. Any bullying, harassing, or otherwise uncalled behavior towards a fellow Den member will NOT be tolerated. Depending on the severity, you may be removed from this group and The Den on the first offense. THIS is your warning. Smile, be happy, make money, have fun... but be nice!

3) If you have a problem... we can find a solution. Ranting doesn't help...we remain positive. It's not's called discretion. Come to us like an adult... we will resolve your issue.

- Affiliates Focused group:
- Our main The Lion's Den Trading page is - News and info may also be
posted there.
- Keep your eyes peeled for a contest.
- Just to see how many made it this far... (do not explain to anyone)
Post in the group "I am a Lion" Between now and Friday.
(If we find out that you will lose)