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The largest and widest online community group of Lipa City. The group was created last July 3 2011 to promote Lipa City, bring together people of Lipa from around the world and provide City updates.

Guidelines to everyone in the group:

The views and opinions expressed on this page are those of the members and are not necessarily those of this group's Administrator/s.

1. Statements, Articles, Pictures, Posters, and Videos that are related to Lipa. If picture or poster please select from the existing albums.
2. News, Announcements and Notifications that will benefit the people of Lipa (ex: Power Outage, Job Openings, Reunions, Outreach Programs, City Updates etc).
3. Posts to "Like" or "Follow" but limited only if the article/ person is representing Lipa and for a special cause.
4. Inspirational statements, stories or quotes.
5. Greetings, personal updates, personal insights, and jokes provided contents are acceptable to general audience.
6. Funny pictures, articles and videos provided they are not insulting and not below the belt.
7. Health and lifestyle related articles, photos, and videos provided they are not selling or promoting and links are used instead of direct upload.
8. Inquiries, Advisory and Information that will benefit the general public.
9. Commentaries that are within social networking etiquette. If you are presenting facts please add sources or documents in your comments otherwise it will be removed. If personal experience, the presenter should have a valid personal profile.
9. Election surveys on national, provincial and local levels.
10. Invitations provided no sales or networking is involved.

1. Malicious and scandalous posts, videos, articles and photos.
2. Business related posts, videos, articles and photos that are directly selling and promoting unless LCP partners for special events.
3. Abusive, immoral, foul, vulgar and disrespectful words, statements, articles, videos, and photos.
4. Redundant articles, pictures and videos. Similarly, flooding of posts, articles, pictures and videos.
5. Chain emails/letters related articles.
6. Uploading photos directly to wall. Please select from existing albums instead then upload.
7. Political posters and videos.
8. Creation of new album without Administrator's approval.
9. Expose, Issues or Concerns without valid supporting documents.

1. Posts, articles, photos and videos that are not within the guidelines will be removed automatically without prior notice to the owner.
2. Members are given up until 3 warning and membership will be removed.