Die stem van die Boere mense aan die wêreld

Die stemme van die Boer mense aan die wêreld

(The voices of the Boere people to the world.)

"To awaken the world to the Silent Civil War and the Genocide of the Boer and Afrikaner people and our culture in South Africa"

This page is also the story of us for visitors from other nations to come to know us as we are.

This page is to keep us all updated as to the various agencies that have been contacted and the world of others toward ending the Genocide and related info.

We have added another new direction with our Blog and this direction is to inform the world of the critical role South Africa will play in biblical prophecy.

Here is our Blog

Please share the above link, especially through e-mails to associates, family, friends etc in other nations.

All are welcome to use the info there to get the word out and you may also use the list and send your own e-mails to those on the contact list.

Posting guidelines;

Please post any news article , video, fotos, personal stories, etc. lets make this page a true representation of us and all that we are.

Remember, this is world outreach, we have visitors from all over the world.

The Primary language to post is English. I know this may be difficult for some.

We only ask that you do your best. Afrikaans is welkom!

This is also The story of our lives, our memories and our culture for the world to see!

I urge people to avoid negative comments or outright attacks against ours and the efforts of others at various social networking sites, including FB and Youtube.

It is very important that we maintain our composure through all of this in these social networking sites and avoid verbal onslaughts.

We must set the example of civility, order and lawful conduct.

I expect at some point that a few hecklers will post here. Please allow me to handle them and do not respond to anything they might say or post.

I trust all of you as part of this team in this page's continuing success.

The intent and focus of these efforts is to awaken the world in these directions and who we, the Boer, Are!

It is never our intent to invalidate the many other people of South Africa.

Others are welcome to post remembering this focus and thank you for supporting us!

You are also welkom to share this info.