Little Blessings - CROYDON Baby Childrens stuff to buy sale and giveaway

This group is set up in order for you to buy and sell your old baby and children's clothes, toys and equipment. Hopefully, you can grab a bargain on various items.


List what you have for sale including price and any relevant information about the item e.g. how old it is, size etc

Include the location of the item, or where it can be bought/ picked up from

Try to group pictures of the same item in one post/ folder

Please remove pictures once they have been sold

Please do not repeatedly flood the page with the same item

Please make sure the items sold are clean and in satisfactory condition

REMINDER: always check the item thoroughly before parting with money and leaving with the item.
Any inappropriate behaviour e.g. abusive or threatening language will result in you being removed and blocked from the group.