Live Looping Asia

Welcome aboard fellow Friends, Peers, Fans, Pros, Amateurs and C...urios of all things Live Looping. I started this regional based (Asia) focused interest group with the hope to bring more folks from around the world together regardless of levels of expertise, interests and what not, to introduce yourself, interact, share, exchange and support each other in new, ongoing or developed quests to enter, explore, think n dream up, execute and engage in refining and developing creative ideas in the wide open world of Live concepts, techniques, gear, design, know hows, in the studio, performance or your bedroom. Something for everyone basically.

Along the way naturally you will wish to venture deeper into the rabbit hole. Without hesitation i will urge you to join the international communities of some of the most brilliant creative folks i know and have had the privilege to form lasting and valuable creative friendships with at "Loopers Delight" and "Live Looping" FB groups. It is my motivation that through all this will spawn more interests and support among your respective social circles and together build a bridge to the cultural diversities of this current phase of the connected world paving the way to let good things happen.

Lastly, (with a friendly smile and wave) i wish peace and goodwill to each and everyone. That you get to meet and form new valuable friendships of your own here and beyond learning n sharing with each other and in turn inspire others too and in our small collective way help make this a slightly better world. Cheers everyone. :)

Best Regards

Randolf Arriola

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19th Jan 2013