Local Consultants and Marketers ( Public Group )

GROUP RULES: Penalties are Hard and Swift!

REMEMBER: These public group threads may show up in your newsfeed. :)

As a group it is our collective responsibility to try to be sure that only "real people" trying to be better, help more, and lead by example and in here, so no stones will be cast here in this place of equality!

I don't care if you have 0 or 1,000 clients. We are all equals looking to better serve our clients and the market.

PURPOSE: We are here to help each other grow our businesses, interact, network, find joint venture partners ( NOT PRODUCT LAUNCHES) for our local consulting and marketing business, and discuss our challenges, accomplishments, and get answers to our questions.

Let's keep this conversation thread Clean, Productive, Helpful, and bring an Abundance Mindset.

10 Commandments Of The Group


1. NO Promotions of any kind! (blog links, site links, ANY)

2. NO JV/Webinar invitations/announces/requests/posts

3. NO "review my site/lander" requests (be specific w/questions)

4. NO "viral forwards" (kony, motivate/tip of day, etc)

5. NO trashing anyone/program! No matter how "evil" they seem, there are no Virgin Mary's here! Your new job is to lead by example.


7. Make a difference in someones life, here you can daily! You may be surprised by the power your knowledge and experience ( no matter how limited) can really be.

8. All posts are for this group only! Re-authorizing group posts to make your own product is not authorized and is disrespectful to the poster.

9. Remember to work on Your Business! I don't want you in here chatting all day thinking you made progress. Limit you time in here and get to work!

10. Have Fun and Interact with Each Other. I've found some of my best JV partners this way!

FINALLY - I Need a Funny Acronym or Solid Name for this Group. I'm sure we can create one that we can all agree upon and have an insiders giggle about.

Special thanks to Mike Hill ( great guy) for giving me permission to edit and adjust his group's rules.