Logan Area - Buy, Swap, Sell!


ADMINS ARE: Nae Trask, David Tra...sk, John Curtis and Angelisa Bucknall

1. NO bullying or threats of any nature will be tolerated. If admin see any such behaviour or it is reported (with proof) you will be deleted and banned.

2. Please use the new Facebook sales format, and include Price and location of your item.

3. First to comment SOLD is FIL (first in line). Then it will go to NIL (next in line) & continue down the list of NIL'S. If item is a freebie, it is up to the giver's discretion to choose who they would like to give it away too. After all, they don't have to give it away for free, they are choosing to, so we think this is a fair option.

4. You can bump your ads once per hour. Only comment sold if you 100% intend on buying the item. Far to many sellers get mucked around this way.

5. Do not list illegal items or weapons. It will be deleted straight away, and so will you! (Things like Guns, Swords, Knives, Knuckle Dusters or any other weapon)

6. Please don't post the same item multiple times. It gets confusing if your items are commented on both posts by different people. You can easily create an album with your items and that way it's easier to find and bump Any new duplicate listings will be deleted.

7. Scams/ Dodgy Posts wont be tolerated. We will not ad you to the group if you not in Brisbane or your friends cannot be seen. If you post a website or address outside of facebook, your post will be deleted immediately. NO POSTING LINKS TO OTHER GROUPS, unless approved by admin.

8. Admins can tell if you have blocked them, you will be immediately deleted from the group if you have any of the admin team Blocked

9. No dog/cat sales allowed! These posts unfortunately create too many problems for admin to have to then sort out. There are plenty of awesome, dedicated pet groups out there for these posts to occur in.

10. Small businesses are welcome to advertise, but only local to the Logan area. Please do not spam the group or you will be banned. People advertising their services that require a license (ie Plumber, electrician, tattooist etc) must display their license number on the post or it will be deleted without warning. NO diet pills, shakes etc to be listed.

11. No Price "Nazi" If you can get an item cheaper elsewhere, scroll past the post. You do not need to comment how much and where you can get the item cheaper.

12. Please only post in this group if you are local to Logan.

13. Any consultant posts (Avon, Scentsy, Nutrimetics, Plexus Slim, Herbalife) Will be deleted straight away. They cause far to many problems in the groups and clog up the wall.

There aren't many rules people. We are all adults, so buy, sell, trade or giveaway your items without the drama :) Admins aren't on 24/7, so if issues arise, be patient...or try resolve it like adults!