Lone Wolf Biker's Family


* We are not a Club ~ We are a Family.

* We are not about numbers. We have long back stopped counting the number of riders we have in our family. Now it is about the Quality of rider you are, the attitude you possess and if you can gel with our family. By saying this, we don't mean we are closed for new riders. But it will take some time for us to accommodate you into our house.

* Our mission is to promote love for riding with safety and have fun at the same time.

* No Admin - No Moderator - No President - No Head - No Founder ~ Every Member is Equal.

* Many of our members belong to various other biker clubs. We don't have any issue with that.

* No discrimination on bikes, Any bike above 150 CC is welcome to join us. we are not interested in separatism in any way. We are not interested in playing into any of the divisions that have cropped up in the motorcycling and motorcycling club world over the years.

* Though there is no hierarchy in the club, we expect you to respect our senior members.
~ You learn lot of other things other than biking, You learn life from the experience of our senior members.

* We make a day ride every fortnight, 2 days ride once every month, 3 days rides once every 3 months, 5 days ride once every 6 months & a 15 days ride once in a year

* Conditions to join our rides are :
~ Bike maintenance - If you are not maintaining your bike properly we don't ride with you.
~ Helmets / Full Gear - No Helmet, No Full protective Gear - No Ride! Safety First!
~ Treat us the right way we treat you. No ego. If you have ego pls don't show it to us - We love peace!
~ Ride your own bike. Pls do not at all expect to borrow a bike from our club members.
~ No form of Intoxication during the ride. We hv a zero tolerance policy on this issue.
~ Where ever we ride, we respect the locals. No form of disturbance or nuisance to others.

* Anyone can call for a ride. Any wolf free during the date can join the ride.

* Whatsapp & Groups help us keep in everyday touch, grow and strengthen our relationship.

* We go dutch & try to keep trip expenses as economic as possible.
~ We stay in budget places. Even though not luxurious and flashy, we make sure the place is hygienic.

* We start our rides early in the mornings and reach the day's destination by the evening. We don't ride in the dark.

* We are serious riders. We do not wear our leathers as fashion statements.

* We seriously reflect the values of brotherhood/sisterhood, biker camaraderie and of supporting the larger biker community as well as our local communities.

* We do not judge other clubs for any decisions they make. That’s not what we’re about. We respect all other clubs and their interests. We will do this by attending as many club events, rallies and party’s as we’re able to.

* We are ready to support and ride for any social cause that will be beneficial for the society.