I created this little group to address health concerns, guidance... on life sustenance, & longevity. Anti aging from the inside out. Showing alternative vegetarian, vegan lifestyles, & nutritional support from babies to older adults.

Food, herbal, exercise & supplement advice for those who seek optimum health & (or) have a better quality of life.

Enjoy all of the information you will receive in this group. Take your time look through previous posts, the photo albums, pictures there's a lot of information in here addressing many health and nutritional areas.

Anyone with nutritional knowledge, indigenous recipes, remedies, medical, organic non GMO farming, supplements, meals, diet or herbal please feel free to offer advice, tips along with substantiated facts.

~ Let food be thy medicine & medicine be thy food - Hippocrates
(father of modern medicine)

I dedicate this page to my Father Felipe Ayala my big sister Isabel Socorro Santiago my dear friends Glen Chango Everett, Fabian Medina, Julio Arezmendi & all those who have lost loved ones from illness, disease due to poor nutrition, lack of information, knowledge on natural healing health & nutrition.

Thank U all

~David Angel~

As in the words of Mr. Spock
"Live long and prosper" See More