LHAW * LONG HAIRS AGAINST the WORLD * Site for Long Haired Men & Women

This group is for Hot Long Haired Guys and the Women who love us. There are so few of us yet we are a brotherhood who stick together. This is a social group to meet people with similar interests and to maybe make a lifelong friend. If you are a guy who prefers long hair yourself but have lost it due to age, or you made a donation to locks of love you are also welcome. Enjoy your stay.

Long hair on a man very much conveys the message that the man before you is a man who is independent and can think for himself. He may not "fight your war", but he is not a coward. On the contrary, he is perceived as a warrior unsubdued, and this can be particularly unsettling to those who have allowed themselves to have had their hair cut. Only 2 percent of the adult male population have long hair. These results count men with shoulder length hair. Only 1/2 percent of the adult population have longer then shoulder length hair which comes out to 1 man out of every 200 men. So it takes a tremendous amount of confidence and balls to walk around in a society where it is deemed unacceptable. Do you have what it takes?