We love USA,UK, Canada and Europe

#Revision 6.
The name indicates nothing but developed countries only.. I don't think so it is the basis of joining it..
This is a group where people from different nations meet. We love these countries not own it.. The group symbolizes the union and friendships of different nationalities. The group implies the good relationship and not a greedy and malicious friendship. We as a group we need to promote moral values. Follow the group rules to avoid occurrence of problems and misbehaviors. Rules are updated time by time

*1. Not allowed to Post sexy and daring photos that almost showing the body both man and woman.Not allowed sharing scandalous videos and vulgar images.Use of foul words, scolding or abusive words will not tolerated.

*2. No advertisement or promotions of websites, sales, products, fb profiles, pages and groups etc in post or comments.

*3. Not allowed the sharing of numbers or contacts like Whatsapp #'s and the like. No Skype ids spam please. As the facebook has the video chat feature, we should avoid the third party softwares.

*4. Post like "Hi", "Thanks for the add", "Add me i'm blocked" are deleted now. Due to some members just ignore them. Much better post photos and quotes rather than just a simple message.w

*5. Fake Ids are going to be removed from the group as one of the member has told us that he/she is having more than 4 ids in the group. This situation affects the moderation.

*6. Admins are not responsible for any content or the ads that are being displayed by the facebook and the spammers and sponsors.

*7. We have least patience for every black sheep in our community.

*8. Sometimes we ban members mistakenly but we assure that these all steps are for good our community

Given rules were not yet final. There might be possible changes during the next revision. But all are required to follow the 1st draft of rules. We as Admins, we will not tolerate any person who will disobey those rules....

Noor Islam
Merly Nicole Rafols Caderao
Saba Malik